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How many people can Planet Earth support?

Poverty comes from an unfair sharing of resources. Bono's naive idea to eliminate poverty to the benefit of mankind flies in the face of the fact that we live on a finite planet. Historically the world has been able to support around 1.5 to 2 billion people, The age of oil changed that 150 years ago and we now have nearly 4 times that. The resources to support 7-9 billion people will have to continue to impact on nature to the detriment and eventual extinction of both.


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  • Mar 19 2013: It's a tough question to answer right now at the moment. Much depend on success in transitioning to sustainable urban life styles. Curitiba Brazil provides a wonderful success model. But it's tought to do what they have done over 20 years and more while maintinaing a democracy platform.

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