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How many people can Planet Earth support?

Poverty comes from an unfair sharing of resources. Bono's naive idea to eliminate poverty to the benefit of mankind flies in the face of the fact that we live on a finite planet. Historically the world has been able to support around 1.5 to 2 billion people, The age of oil changed that 150 years ago and we now have nearly 4 times that. The resources to support 7-9 billion people will have to continue to impact on nature to the detriment and eventual extinction of both.


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    • Mar 16 2013: Please watch this video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dN06tLRE4WE

      Then ask yourself where the water will come from.
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        Mar 19 2013: Malcolm

        I appreciate your asking this question and have seen the Attenborough documentary. I suggest that there is some flexibility in the carrying capacity due to the advantage conferred by human intelligence...particularly design when it is informed by ecological knowledge. This is relevant in that some of the pre-industrial natural Process limits can be stretched...but that is not saying that they can be denied or ignored. Please see my general post yesterday regarding soil and permaculture. Water processes are more open to technological mitigation than are depleted soils. So the flexibility that I am guessing at is a hopeful 3 times natural limits on human population, and then only if we can broadly adopt agroecology approaches to production, which will be a big challenge.

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