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what day would you like to see as a general "Share Appreciation" day?

The thought is to create a special day for a Share Appreciation™ Movement and I would like to hear your input on what day seems a good day (based on Seasons, etc) to think about sharing appreciation with others.

Where would you like to see a special day that encourages people to share appreciation in a general way? It would just be a reminder perhaps to try and be in the mental space of noticing the people around you and thank them for what they do. Whether it be your taxi driver who showed up for work, the barista who made your morning coffee, or the kids for being quiet while dinner was being prepared.

(PS the 8th rhymes with Appreciate (smile) )

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    Mar 15 2013: With respect, this would get as much attention from most of us as does National Asparagus Day and National Foot Health Awareness Month. (Both of which are real, by the way.) I really don't think we need any more of these.
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    Mar 15 2013: As the idea is so similar to many people's interpretation of Thanksgiving, you could either put your focus on any existing Thanksgiving day in different countries, or try to choose a date near no one's Thanksgiving.

    You should probably check also when all the specific appreciation days are- Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandparents Day, Veterans and Memorial days, Women's Day, in some places appreciation day assciated with occupations (like Secretaries), and so forth.

    Again, I don't know whether you want to converge with one of these or try to find a place on the calendar where none are.

    My son's high school had a gratitude week this last week. I don't know whether this was just their school or whether there was some broader event they were part of.

    It has become hard to keep track!
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      Mar 15 2013: It IS hard to keep track of so many special days, and if I thought about it, I would get discouraged and shrug with 'what is the point?'. However, people like to say, "I am doing this because it is .... day" even when it may be an idea that would be good to recognize all the time. :-)

      I spoke with a market researcher who specializes in marketing and communications last night. He suggested May 8th. He said the days i chose above (which I had done based on research and a date that rhymes) had too many conflicting days around it such as, Election day in the US (nov), Memorial day (very end of May), and Tax season (he said, no one feels good when it is close to filing taxes.")

      Another thing about the beginning of May is that it sets up for a whole month of appreciation days ... there is administration day (i.e secretary), mother's day, Memorial day, etc.

      What do you feel about May?
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        Mar 15 2013: The month or day you choose would not affect me. But if you look online for Gratitude Week, you will find examples.
  • Mar 15 2013: Share appreciation should be a good quality in mind.