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Take back your world with color.

Color in furniture, clothing, walls, fences, art, textiles, hair, make-up, and light make a difference in our world. Joe v. The Volcano with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks showed how sick people look with bad lighting. Make-up in malls and stores is sold with the same kind of bad lighting. Going into a store and searching for a color is impossible in places for products but not in Thrift Stores. Home made items are also common in thrift stores. Can commerce learn from the colors in a Thrift store? There are reasons thrift stores are thriving. One reason is colors are more varied than anywhere new things are sold. In the book Authors of the Impossible, 3 men become writers so they can choose their script instead of letting the dictates of others choose their script. Bring in a flower to match the paint at the store, and do simple things to bring color into the life surrounding each of us.


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  • Mar 16 2013: If you find old nail kegs, they can be changed into benches too.
    • Mar 23 2013: I saw in an out of date magazine today how some people put blocks of concrete on top of each other as night stands or temporary seating with stacked concrete. I may be quite satisfied with a plastic 5 gallon bucket upside down. I can get vivid colors by making my own covers for them, or getting something made, or looking. I would be satisfied with a plastic 5 gallon bucket.

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