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Take back your world with color.

Color in furniture, clothing, walls, fences, art, textiles, hair, make-up, and light make a difference in our world. Joe v. The Volcano with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks showed how sick people look with bad lighting. Make-up in malls and stores is sold with the same kind of bad lighting. Going into a store and searching for a color is impossible in places for products but not in Thrift Stores. Home made items are also common in thrift stores. Can commerce learn from the colors in a Thrift store? There are reasons thrift stores are thriving. One reason is colors are more varied than anywhere new things are sold. In the book Authors of the Impossible, 3 men become writers so they can choose their script instead of letting the dictates of others choose their script. Bring in a flower to match the paint at the store, and do simple things to bring color into the life surrounding each of us.


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  • Mar 15 2013: where's the idea?
    • Mar 16 2013: Color is an idea. Where? I could say Hiram, GA, although I will be in Dothan, Alabama this weekend. The idea is loose. Bring an idea about color to the forum if the color ideas you are reading isn't what you are interested in. So far a few ideas have been presented. White as an option. What if someone painted a city white? What if neighborhoods had sidewalks and benches? What if there were accents of color on shutters and benches and houses and yard art?

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