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Take back your world with color.

Color in furniture, clothing, walls, fences, art, textiles, hair, make-up, and light make a difference in our world. Joe v. The Volcano with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks showed how sick people look with bad lighting. Make-up in malls and stores is sold with the same kind of bad lighting. Going into a store and searching for a color is impossible in places for products but not in Thrift Stores. Home made items are also common in thrift stores. Can commerce learn from the colors in a Thrift store? There are reasons thrift stores are thriving. One reason is colors are more varied than anywhere new things are sold. In the book Authors of the Impossible, 3 men become writers so they can choose their script instead of letting the dictates of others choose their script. Bring in a flower to match the paint at the store, and do simple things to bring color into the life surrounding each of us.


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  • Mar 15 2013: Having proper lighting is necessary to show anything at their best and will also show the bad too.
    I remember my dad (yrs. ago) being tired of the same old white house, so he painted his home a deep forest green with white trim.
    He set off a fire storm in our area but after a few weeks everyone nearby were painting their white houses a different color. Blue, yellows, pinks, etc. The area looked like a rainbow gone nuts. I loved it.
    To this day, color plays a huge part in my life. I love deep toned wood and dress it up with colors of added items.
    Thrift stores use cheap lighting normally and I agree it is much better then what some stores use.
    • Mar 15 2013: A friend's Mom painted her older house a deep green and had the same response. I didn't get a response after painting my shutters this time. 12 years ago neighbors were upset because I did change my shutter colors. The difference is no one comes out of their houses anymore! They are inside on their computers! I put a bench in the yard by the road, and hope one day someone will sit on it. Maybe if I painted the bench a bright color? The thrift stores I see put all the reds together, the blues together, and it isn't a hodgepodge of colors. The sizes aren't in any order!

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