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Mental Health : Still in the dark ages?

There are approximately 450 million people globally effected by mental health issues. There are many great ideas from inspiring people in regards to the care of these people on a global scale ,but is the stigma with regards to mental health so great that these ideas are unable to take form in our society? A lack of knowledge and education greatly impacts on the worlds view of mental health ,often societal views on mental health are conjured up by the media with the majority of headlines depicting the mentally ill murderer or local suicide. In an age where we have the world at our finger tips and an array of information at hand ,why is it that mental health is still a subject hidden in the dark? a taboo subject that a minority really cares to know about? How can we help people feel comfortable speaking about their problems? and how to approach people when they require help? I am very interested in peoples views on this topic and having a debate on the pro's and con's of mental health services worldwide.


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  • Mar 15 2013: Some very interesting replies so far.

    I currently work in a mental health service in the u.k and see on a regular basis ,people who are so scared or ashamed of asking for help before their crisis ,due to the stigma associated with mental health. As somebody mentioned ,there seems to be a definate difference in the way cultures see mental health and the ways they treat the people suffering with this illness ,will this always be the case or could it be possible to get a multi cultural approach to our services?

    The treatment of mental health is a very difficult and broad spectrum of trials and luck ,with a mixture of medication ,psychosocial and psychological interventions. Again ,this makes mental health seem inferior to general physical health in interventions offered ,such is the ease to 'fix' a broken leg and the overall difficulty in 'fixing' schizophrenia.

    Within society today ,the media seem to focus the majority of their time on the negative impacts people suffering with mental health disorders have. It seems to be a very rare occurence where we read stories of hope and strength regarding the path to recovery and that it is in fact a show of true strength to admit that somebody may need help instead of shunning them away.

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