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Mention one scientific theory you think needs adjustment. Why do you think that way?

Our assumptions fashion how we see and make decisions. in the past, astronomy was defined as the study of how heavenly bodies move around the earth because it was believed that the earth was the center of the solar system. that was until a Polish Astronomer- Nicolai Copernicus changed our thinking. same as when the atom was thought to be the smallest particle until electrons, neutrinos, etc. were discovered. bring forth your ideas!


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Ok thanks! Turns out that all theories which have no direct application to the physical world wont hang around for long. Most likely, they'll stay as just ideas of the 'geniuses' which have no proof but only serve to quench our thirst for understanding certain things that seem hard to understand e.g. black holes, perpetuity of life, being able to control infinitesimally small stuff(nano techs), death... and we can go on and on. This has been a useful conversation.

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    Mar 20 2013: Agreed. This entire topic can best be successful via a propoganda campaign based on no science.

    What disease states and damage the cholesterol controlling drugs cause is so profound, it could be linked to many disease manifestations today.

    If the drugs damage the liver, and inhibit the healing process by blocking the proper production of cholesterol.

    What does Cholesterol do? It is an integral part of the healing process and responds to healing crisis.

    If you stop the production artificially, what happens? Use your imagination.
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      Mar 20 2013: statins reduce the production of cholesterol, do not stop it. as an effect, the person has exactly as much cholesterol in the bloodstream as any other person does. tell me how can having the same amount of cholesterol hurt.

      by the same token, we should not regulate fever, because the body should be warm, so cooling it obviously has adverse effects. seriously, people. use your heads!

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