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Mention one scientific theory you think needs adjustment. Why do you think that way?

Our assumptions fashion how we see and make decisions. in the past, astronomy was defined as the study of how heavenly bodies move around the earth because it was believed that the earth was the center of the solar system. that was until a Polish Astronomer- Nicolai Copernicus changed our thinking. same as when the atom was thought to be the smallest particle until electrons, neutrinos, etc. were discovered. bring forth your ideas!


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Ok thanks! Turns out that all theories which have no direct application to the physical world wont hang around for long. Most likely, they'll stay as just ideas of the 'geniuses' which have no proof but only serve to quench our thirst for understanding certain things that seem hard to understand e.g. black holes, perpetuity of life, being able to control infinitesimally small stuff(nano techs), death... and we can go on and on. This has been a useful conversation.

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  • Mar 19 2013: Another scientific gripe I have is with the concept of "dimensionality". Nowadays in "string theory" you might hear it said that there may be as many as 11 dimensions when you get down to the quantum level. But one wonder does that number include the first three if left to right, up and down, and in and out which we would consider the three classical dimension of the Cartesian the axis coordinate system. Popular notion takes these "dimensions" way too literally and often people consider "time" the fourth dimension. The first three dimensions are not universal dimensions we all share in a "flat earth"--they are relative dimension based upon a human being's personal orientation to an object or region which displaces space so that object or region can be communicated in practical measurement terms that involve intersection of three right angles in absolute perpenducularites. There is no universal left to right, up to down or in to out and these value change if the object remain stationary and the person or another person views it from even the slightest of different angles. The world is a moving orb, not a flat static space so there is no universal "up" and "down". A virtual ray line draw to represent straight up and straight down will be invalid in an instant as as it extend out into space it will be at angle with the person it was drawn by assuming he or she does not move with the planet. So, a stipulation needs to be made that the 3-Ds are not really the kind of universal dimensions which can spawn "time" as the fourth. They are just local triple axes used for measurement relative to the person doing the measuring.

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