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I believe nanotechnology may already be used for good and bad. My question is could a nano sized nuclear warhead be built?

What limits the size and complexity of a nano device (besides money and resources of course)?

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    Mar 15 2013: As I understand it, we already have created nano nuclear fusion explosions - at CERN. Unless technology were to lead us to the place where the nano bombs could recognize a living human and guide themselves to that person - and a warhead were to contain a billion or so such bombs (a pricey affair), I don't see it in our future. I see humanity rising above the silliness that causes them to think that war has benefits.
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    Mar 18 2013: for nuclear warheads, we need to achieve criticality. we don't know any way to get there without sufficient amount/density of matter. density is pretty much limited, thus we need a minimum amount. the minimum as of now is in the kilogram range. no methods are known to create fusion in nano scale. these are not theoretical limits, but no foreseeable technology can break them.
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    Mar 18 2013: .
    Is there pollution caused by nano-technology?
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    Mar 18 2013: If you mean a fission bomb then no. In order for a fission explosion to occur you need a critical mass so the smallest fission bomb you can create is about the size of a shoe box.
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    Mar 15 2013: Probally with nano yeild and nano effectiveness ... such as a high priced bomb to take out one or two people .... a sling shot would be more effective here David use the simple cheap tool against the giant.