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The social construct drives inertia, driving us all on the single focus of getting through their daily lives, away from anything meaningful.

Generally speaking, even if people want to be more responsible about saving the planet, there are so many forces conspiring to keep them living the way they currently do, it is almost impossible to change.

All the silly things we have come to believe and live by like:
Use By Dates on food
Processed food being better than fresh
All the different house cleaners we need
The kinds of clothes that define status at the office
The status of transport
The way real estate value is defined
And on it goes. It is very difficult to bust out of something which completely consumes everything you do all day long and believe without question. Even as it may well be, in the main, totally ridiculous, potentially insane and extremely wasteful.

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    Mar 21 2013: G'day Shannon

    I think with the little response this post has got says it all in how duped we are in accepting consumerist materialism even though it is destroying our very environment we rely on to survive. I have a blog written up about how duped we are not just with consumerist materialism but everything that extreme even spirituality, we seem to love extremes especially in developed counties but I suppose extremes do serve the rich & the system, where’s the balance in life? We can balance consumerist materialism with our environment but we are too blinded by the almighty dollar which is only numbers.

    This seems strange to me, the lending institution has let’s say $100,000,000 but lends out this $100,000,000 a number of times so if you are one of the one’s taking out a loan from this $100,000,000 you’re really only getting figures not actual money but it’s on money that doesn’t exist because it’s taken from the same exact amount as all the other borrowers, no wonder we are having trouble in the world & no wander they want to push consumerist materialism more but it will end at some time maybe with our demise. Consumerist materialism doesn’t work in the long run.

    Yes I would agree that our only solutions are personal choice and grassroots movements.

    A good & important topic to bring up Shannon, in my mind anyway.

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    Mar 18 2013: G'day Jennifer

    The system works at it's best when in conflict as it keeps us confused & wanting, disharmony within the populous is useful to the system, look at 9/11 & what transpired after this date, a more controlling system through disharmony.

    Basically the system itself uses reverse psychology to con us to accept certain circumstances that we wouldn't usually accept under a more sedate atmosphere, it's all to support the system in every way not just financially, we are indeed sheep except I think actual sheep get treated better.

    • Mar 20 2013: You make a good point, Matthew. However, do you think progress is possible in a more sedate atmosphere? If we were not constantly surrounded by nationalism and other types of hype, could we overcome that confusion and wanting?
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        Mar 20 2013: G'day Shannon

        Very good questions........In a more spiritualistic atmosphere which relayed more love & understanding yes to both questions however if we can't be more loving & understanding towards each other I would have to say no to both questions.

        The main problem is consumerist materialism which supports the economy, even if we rid ourselves of the multinationals that also make money in war time what do we prop the world economy up with which we have become addicted & reliant on? I can’t personally see a way out of the mess we put ourselves in unless we all became spiritually loving & understanding towards each other & that looks like that is never going to happen.

        We can only do what we can ourselves to help but if we all or the majority switched off the TV & stopped reading different media types that dupe us into consumerist materialism things would changes, we haven’t watched TV for a few years now & we don’t subscribe to magazines or newspapers either.

        • Mar 20 2013: Matthew, your explanation of the consumerist materialism is very accurate. Often being loving and understanding is seen as a weakness, especially in the business world, rather than an attribute. I think our focus on material goods takes away from true human connection. In our society, I think capitalism is the true root of this problem; it pushes us to constantly compete and focus on monetary rather than spiritual wealth. As you asked before, is there a way for a society to thrive economically without such competition? I would like to believe so, but all other systems seem to allow for an even greater imbalance of power, which causes resentment among people, not love and understanding. Would you agree that the only solutions are personal choice and grassroots movements?
  • Mar 20 2013: I think one thing we could say directly attributes to this social construct and the "disharmony" is advertising. In my opinion that is the most visible way in which we our prevented from being meaningful and truly independent.