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The social construct drives inertia, driving us all on the single focus of getting through their daily lives, away from anything meaningful.

Generally speaking, even if people want to be more responsible about saving the planet, there are so many forces conspiring to keep them living the way they currently do, it is almost impossible to change.

All the silly things we have come to believe and live by like:
Use By Dates on food
Processed food being better than fresh
All the different house cleaners we need
The kinds of clothes that define status at the office
The status of transport
The way real estate value is defined
And on it goes. It is very difficult to bust out of something which completely consumes everything you do all day long and believe without question. Even as it may well be, in the main, totally ridiculous, potentially insane and extremely wasteful.


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    Mar 14 2013: Another question I think about is whether things that save the planet have a downside. For example, if we recycle, it puts people out of work who make the new bags and bottles.

    I do like the idea that people change gradually and at their own pace. Even changing 5% is better than not at all.
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      Mar 15 2013: Greg,
      How about if the people who USED to make bags and bottles NOW work with recycling proceedures?

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