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Should we be afraid of a Psychopathy Epidemic?

Assuming Psychopaths can out compete their Empathic counterparts, could we be looking at the extinction of Emotion?


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  • Mar 17 2013: I have experienced a psychopath, a CEO of a large company. The day I decided to break off from this person, was the day I read about Psychopaths and learned that they aren't just killers, but can be 'charming' and 'eloquent' persons as well. Chameleons. Dangerous ones. The following traits of this person: Deceitful, complete and utter lack of remorse, grandiose, manipulator, pathological liar, no empathy, criminal tendencies and believe me the list goes on....BUT. highly intelligent, superb command of English (his second language), eloquent, charming, 'that winning smile', impeccably dressed, numerous relationships with people held in high esteem, very 'genuine'..an incredible disguise 'mask' from the reality of a cold sadistic human who's intent is greed and destruction.

    Should be afraid of an epidemic? We should be afraid of just one psychopath, so an epidemic!..that's worst than if 'zombies' existed...at least we can tell them apart..yes, we should be afraid, very much so. Though afraid is not necessarily the word I would use, more of aware and ready. Psychopaths gravitate towards power and rise up the chain of command...if the CEO's and leaders of powerful and influential countries, multinational companies, financial organizations have psychopaths running part of them, even a few,...that could very well be the reason humanity is where it's at today.

    It takes one to cause the downfall of many, Hitler, Madoff, being prime examples of how much damage one can cause. One bad apple really does spoil the bunch.

    Humans have leaders that guide them, whether it be political or religious and we will follow till the very end. I believe it's time to take action and ensure that the leaders of our most powerful organizations of all sorts are in fact not psychopaths and that this could be one of the most important tasks that we as humans must undertake as quickly as possible.

    Thank-you so much for having asked this question, awareness and action on these people is VITAL.
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      Mar 17 2013: I feel your sentiments.
      Also its debatable as to whether Hitler was a Psychopath, a better example would be Lance Armstrong.

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