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Should we be afraid of a Psychopathy Epidemic?

Assuming Psychopaths can out compete their Empathic counterparts, could we be looking at the extinction of Emotion?


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    Mar 14 2013: Extinction of emotion? Heavens no! What you are seeing is the denial of feelings. Feelings and emotions are different things in both content and purpose. In psychopaths, you see emotions run amuk. (Not just psychopaths, but the way. Most people are ruled/owned by their emotions because they don't have clue that it is their responsibility to own/rule them - explaining why so much is wrong in our world)
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      Mar 14 2013: From what I have read, I am lead to believe that Psychopathy is caused by an impairment of the frontal lobe and the result of this is that they lack certain vital emotions such as regret, empathy and love.
      I do agree that there is a mass denial of emotion happening among human kind, but I believe Psychopathy is separate from this.

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