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What is Social Entrepreneurship? It's to help or eradicate poverty or to help society/ people?

Definition of Social entrepreneurship in most sites says "innovative solutions to society’s most pressing social problems", But how does one justify what are most pressing problem. Problem or importance of problem for 'A' person is not same as for 'B' person.

For ex. In Mumbai, there are dabbawala who deliver homemade food to office people, who cannot travel home due to long distance and heavy traffic. These dabbawala take lunch box from person’s home and deliver it to them at office with a six sigma of 99.99.

My question is though this organization is not doing anything for poor people specifically, it is innovative, satisfying basic need of a person. Moreover, 85% of dabbawala are illiterate who are given employment. Is it a social enterprise?


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    Mar 14 2013: It is a business enterprise that suits the wants of society. I think that a social enterprise would seek to eliminate poverty by ending the fiscal system that cannot survive without poverty.
    • Mar 14 2013: Hey Grace, can u please elaborate it... How you think social enterprise can end fiscal system?? and how ending of fiscal system eliminate poverty??

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