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Solar energy after the sun sets

I am a new member but I did not see this idea proposed yet. Using a highly efficient air compressor to compress ambient air which also compresses the solar heat which is in turn used to heat a sterling engine. The sterling engine turns the compressor (initially this process will need a jump start) and then the compressed air is used to spin an electric generator. But because the heat has been removed from the compresses air it is used to absorb heat from the other side of the sterling engine thus improving its efficiency. The output would be free electricity and water that fell out of the air when compressed. The energy that powers this process is pure solar so nothing magic is going on. Any thoughts?


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  • Mar 13 2013: So you have an air compressor which is powered by a solar panel? Sounds like an indirect way of simply collecting solar light. The process between compressing the air and then using the heat from it to run a generator will be more likely to waste energy than conserve it.
    I see where you think the excess energy would come from: the atmosphere's heat, but there is an energy cost to extract that heat via compression, so it wouldn't have a net positive energy production.

    Correct me if I misinterpreted your design. It is easy to get lost in your description.
    • Mar 14 2013: No photovoltaics. The compressor is powered by the sterling engine. Why would the heat extracted not be enough energy to power the the sterling engine which runs the compressor?

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