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As we are programmed to die after a certain period. I believe species are also programmed to die after a certain period.

I believe every species has a definite life span on our planet earth and we may call it " species span", after that it becomes extinct whatever you may do. Ever entertained such idea ? Ever analysed what happened to neanderthal man, homo erectus etc why they became extinct or Why growth rate of caucassian is nearing zero or in the negative? Is the life span of species is also programmed? Even our earth also has a limited life span, its not going to be there for ever.


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    Mar 14 2013: I wish you would tell that to the cockroaches that are a scourge in America's southeast. They've been around for 400 million years. Proliferate little things they are!

    But to answer your question - I believe that evolution is real and that it is part of some species' longevity. Not the homing pigeon, however. We killed those off along with a lot of other species.
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      Mar 15 2013: In Universe stars, galaxies are created and destroyed. There is no competition , there is no survival of the fittest. Every star has a limited life span.They are born and they die. These universal laws may be applicable to every thing that exits in this universe. Ted lover try thinking differently.
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        Mar 15 2013: But there is competition even in stars. Right now, Andromeda and the Milky Way are racing towards one another. When the two collide, hello competition.

        Survival of the fittest has been demonstrated clearly - the most famous of which is the study of the peppered moth.

        PS - the first paragraph in my preceding post was said in jest. I should have ended it with LOL to make that clear. My bad.

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