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As we are programmed to die after a certain period. I believe species are also programmed to die after a certain period.

I believe every species has a definite life span on our planet earth and we may call it " species span", after that it becomes extinct whatever you may do. Ever entertained such idea ? Ever analysed what happened to neanderthal man, homo erectus etc why they became extinct or Why growth rate of caucassian is nearing zero or in the negative? Is the life span of species is also programmed? Even our earth also has a limited life span, its not going to be there for ever.


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  • Mar 13 2013: I just don't see any evidence for that, man. I think you're right in the sense that most species eventually die out--that is, eventually conditions change and the animal either evolves or goes extinct. But nobody's ever seen a species just "die out" for no reason...the species that do go extinct always go extinct because they're just not competing effectively anymore--and there's not many other species that can compete with homo sapiens. But how and why would the lifespan of a species be programmed? Evolution is what creates living things, and there's just no reason evolution would program a species to die out.
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      Mar 14 2013: Sometimes facts are there in front of eveybody to observe and there are established ideas to explain their occurrence. You are right I am challenging those established ideas with no evidence. Also we donot have conclusive evidence to prove why humans or for that matter any animal has a limited life span , are we programed to die after some time ? If we are than why not our species? I believe even Sun is programmed to die after some billion years later, it also has limits to its life span.
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        Mar 14 2013: I remember reading somewhere (sorry for no source) that on average, animals who live a normal life-span have a life span that averages 1 billion heart beats. So the tiny hummiingbird or mosquito doesn't live very long because those tiny hearts are beating very quickly, but the elephant, with its larger and more slowly beating heart, lives longer. I have never looked up the heart beat of a cockatoo or a sea turtle. Furthermore, trees and flowers don't have hearts as we traditionally think of them, so they would be immune from the 1 billion heartbeat rule of thumb.

        I personally believe that all species have their own collective consciousness (that is a part of greater consciousness collectives), and that no species becomes extinct without its collective consent.

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