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Why is no farmer as famous as Tom Cruise?

I have a lot of affection/appreciation for moviemakers, actors, directors, crew. I really value movies and think they're important. However, I think food is even more important because you will live without movies, but without food you will die. Therefore, I wonder, why is no farmer as famous as Tom Cruise?


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    Mar 14 2013: Great topic Greg! With only 2% of our population growing the majority of the food for the rest you would think that there might be one or two standouts that catch the attention and imagination of the public, alas it is not so. Sadly farmers work long hours at difficult tasks and are, in general, severly underpaid for their work. It is sad, because if anyone should be highly compensated, it should be the people who sustain us at the most basic level. To your question, I offer a few theories: Farmers are a notoriously independant lot. If that were not the case, they could rule the world! People who farm tend not to be the type of people who value fame. Finaly, there is a certain bias against food producers from several corners of society. Somtimes it seems to ccome from those who think: "Why should I be paying someone for food?" Or, perhaps from those who realize the implications of my first theory.
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      Mar 17 2013: Why would farmers be so independent? What about farming would make one not value fame?

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