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Why is no farmer as famous as Tom Cruise?

I have a lot of affection/appreciation for moviemakers, actors, directors, crew. I really value movies and think they're important. However, I think food is even more important because you will live without movies, but without food you will die. Therefore, I wonder, why is no farmer as famous as Tom Cruise?


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    Mar 14 2013: P T Barnum once said to the press, "I don't care what you say about me as long as you spell the name correct". What do you think the most important thing in an election is .... name recognition. People do not say read the book XYZ they say Have you read Clancys new book or have you seen John Waynes new movie. Billions of dollars ride on the success of the movie and the name sells it ...

    Studios and agents spend millions on their "stars" to be sure the press, and the fans are leaked the right info and they stay in the news.

    Small farmers are becoming a thing of the past. Most big farms are owned by banks and corporations and have on site managers and workers. Farming is expensive, time consuming, and extremely hard labor. That is not glamerous and is hardly a escape from reality that is sought by movie goers.

    In the movies the struggling mom with three kids and a louse of a husband who left her ... lives in a nice house, has a nice car, enjoys long baths, good wine, and a knock out wardrobe, every once in a while she does something motherly. Yeah like that is for real. People pay for the right to escape .. to be Marilyn Monroe and travel the world with no money staying at the best hotels and eating in the finest cafes in Europe ... no cares about tomarrow.

    It is all about the fight between a escape and reality. Would you rather be James Bond or shoveling cow crap?

    I wish you well. Bob.
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      Mar 17 2013: I like the escape idea, Bob.

      Well, we have business leaders whose lives don't seem terribly glamorous, yet still become famous. Like Steve Jobs. Nor is his life about escape. So I'm not sure you've nailed it yet.
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        Mar 17 2013: Greg, Perhaps it is not nailed down yet but we are leaving the stars farmer argument. If I pace a few CEOs on the block here we can see many differences.

        Bill Gates: More famous for being super rich than for achievements. Not a slave to fashion. Private life is very quite. Does not seek the spotlight.

        Steve Wozniak: Co founder with Jobs at apple. Not a household name. Quite. Private life almost unknown. Never in spotlight.

        Donald Trump: Loves the spotlight. Micromanager. Flamboyant. Super ego.

        Steve Jobs: Loves the spotlight. Sought the leadership in Pixlar, Apple, and all other places he worked. Idea generator, visionary, Super A personality. Always in power struggles. Personally introduced all new products ... became the face of Apple. Flamboyant. Charismatic. Egotistic. Workaholic.

        We all know a hard charger ... a guy / gal who runs at 300% all the time .... sets their hair on fire and never slow down even when they reach the top. Some of these are simply super achievers who accept and embrace the "challange". Some want the money. Some want the fame. Some want it all.

        I don't think that we can make a inferance of "escape" or anything else to CEOs. Each must be looked at individually and maybe the answer to the CEO is as simple as yep that is ole "Harry / Jane alright". Love them or hate them thats just the way they are.

        I have been thinking about Jobs. We knew him as the face of Apple ... he put his picture with the brand and the product. For years I knew the picture of him with no name ... Then when he got cancer we all knew about it ... big news ... all media .... picture and name everywhere. All of a sudden that face holding a iPod was Steve Jobs. Did his illness enhance his fame? Why did he only make a TED talk after the illness? I don't mean to be cruel but am looking to answer your question.

        All the best. Bob.
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          Mar 18 2013: well, I love the spotlight idea. But why couldn't a farmer love the spotlight?

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