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Are today's educational institutes only interested in money?

i have observed that with a large number of institutions opening up, the value of learning is decreasing. the institutes cost high price but the quality of students is degrading. the institutes focus on getting the students n not their quality..
so what are your view points on this?


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  • Mar 13 2013: You have public and private universities which focus a lot of their money on research, and I believe those still provide good educations and have good acceptance criteria. However, there are for-profit universities which receive a lot of flak because they are most interested in making money, especially through government backed student loans. They are known to let anyone in who can fill out some paperwork, and they offer a really easy degree.

    You can search up "for profit universities" and do a little research on your own. Rule of thumb: if the college advertises on TV, be wary because it could be most interested in your money.

    I still think public and private not-for-profit universities are just as competitive now as they used to be, if not more.
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      Mar 14 2013: hello Jackson..
      thanks for your reply..
      yea many institutions do have good acceptance criteria....but i feel the for profit universities are more in number..
      • Mar 18 2013: Definitely not, actually. There are hundreds more public and private not-for-profit universities. The for-profit ones with no acceptance criteria have a more notable public image because they advertise on TV.

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