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Are today's educational institutes only interested in money?

i have observed that with a large number of institutions opening up, the value of learning is decreasing. the institutes cost high price but the quality of students is degrading. the institutes focus on getting the students n not their quality..
so what are your view points on this?


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    Mar 15 2013: Vishesh, The short answer is yes. Universities are big business and are run poorly. They (in the USA) get billions from their state, millions from students fees, tuition, etc, millions from sales, million from books, million from labs, grants, research grants, TV sports contracts, donations, and the beat goes on ..... So with billions coming in each year they are always broke and asking for more money next year. They are like governments ... they do not understand budgets. Here in the states we always make the money available as it is in the state Constitution that we will.

    At what point should there be consequences for lousy leadership and poor management.

    We are seeing a rise in on line education in the USA ... they are often refered to as diploma mills. However, they are accrediated and the diploma is valid. The founder of the University of Phoenix in my state of Arizona is a billionare as he provides a low cost service that meets a need ... the graduates ability is however in question by many and hiring authorities take this with a grain of salt.

    I doubt if the same would apply to MIT or Stanford as their standards are high and their product meets expectations.

    Courses in Elvis the early years serve what purpose in the education of the student .... money grabbing at its worst.

    I wish you well. Bob.

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