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How can we help to prevent bullying?

As a society that revels in TV series such as Honey Boo Boo, Jersey Shore and other "Reality" TV shows, how are we supposed to stop bullying within schools?

If we preach what to do or what not to do when confronted by bullying behaviors, but never follow through with consequences, how can we expect our students to continue to have faith in the faculty's true want to get rid of bullying.

How can we expect our children to stop bullying if we, as grown ups, are watching these shows.... making fun of the people on them, judging them, calling them names?

How can we change the structure of learning to help increase education, not only in the academic sense, but also in the sense of what it means to be a human being?


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  • Mar 20 2013: As a teen who has experienced bullying, I think that the main problem occurs outside the classroom. Cyber-bullying is the most prominent form of bullying these days, and most bullying happens indirectly or over the internet, which makes adults think that it is 'not so serious' whilst it still has a bad effect on the victim. Teachers should be more serious with identifying even the slightest amounts of bullying, it could prevent the seriousness and time of the bullying from accelerating.

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