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How can we help to prevent bullying?

As a society that revels in TV series such as Honey Boo Boo, Jersey Shore and other "Reality" TV shows, how are we supposed to stop bullying within schools?

If we preach what to do or what not to do when confronted by bullying behaviors, but never follow through with consequences, how can we expect our students to continue to have faith in the faculty's true want to get rid of bullying.

How can we expect our children to stop bullying if we, as grown ups, are watching these shows.... making fun of the people on them, judging them, calling them names?

How can we change the structure of learning to help increase education, not only in the academic sense, but also in the sense of what it means to be a human being?


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    Mar 19 2013: Change the structure of learning to help increase education?

    I would argue that changes will occur when we regard education from the human point of view. In other words, our attempts to "humanize" the education system (the sense of being a human) will change the structure of learning. Point: human beings are a living, breathing, growing organism touched by the divine. Given this premise, the activities we undertake ought to be structured from this core principal: education must be organic.

    Consider the current education system: we are categorized by age, pushed along by the conveyor belt of an industrialized system, considered defective if standardized measures go unmet, and spit out at the factory's exit - expected to be a model citizen.

    However, we are not a cog in the production's wheelwork. We are likened to any kind of plant that grows organically, needing its own degree of soil, sun, food and water. We too, as individuals, grow better in certain environments, under various conditions, and at differing rates. We, as humans, have an innate sense of wanting to grow; we are naturally curious as well. Thus, we ought to let students grow at their own rate, mastering each level of skill, to their desired level of interest. This then humanizes the education effort and upholds the sense of what it means to be a human being. People are rewarded for their own accomplishments at their own rate - thus, they are intrinsically motivated to succeed and then seek to achieve the next level. Structure will follow - we can only imagine what that will look like. I venture to guess that it may not be the brick building that so many of went to school.

    For the bully: he gets rewarded just the same as anyone else for his academic achievement. Of course, if he breaks the code of behaviour against his fellow student, he will suffer the consequence - healthy boundaries must be maintained. Beyond this, give the bully positives when positive behavior exhibited!

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