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How can we help to prevent bullying?

As a society that revels in TV series such as Honey Boo Boo, Jersey Shore and other "Reality" TV shows, how are we supposed to stop bullying within schools?

If we preach what to do or what not to do when confronted by bullying behaviors, but never follow through with consequences, how can we expect our students to continue to have faith in the faculty's true want to get rid of bullying.

How can we expect our children to stop bullying if we, as grown ups, are watching these shows.... making fun of the people on them, judging them, calling them names?

How can we change the structure of learning to help increase education, not only in the academic sense, but also in the sense of what it means to be a human being?


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    • Mar 18 2013: First of all, YouTube is not a video communication site. It's a sharing site, so it would be open to everyone. Second, Facebook is not exactly held in high regard, so there really is no way the entire police force of any country would accept that. Third, you're acting as though that's a legitimate punishment. It's like posting a sign on a bulletin board. If parents and teachers would grow a backbone and actually punish someone then maybe it would fix something. In my grandparent's time it was probably at it's best. If you're going to behave like an abhorrent little bastard to people you would be legitimately punished. Now, the kids essentially make the teachers their bitch, pardon my language. If a kid is being a terrible person to someone, and they have the rare teacher who will inflict a small punishment, the kid cries to mommy and daddy who then bail out their ass of a kid. Then the teacher has zero authority over their students, because all the kid has to do is say he's being mistreated. Parents need to not baby their kid. If he or she is old enough to do stupid crap, then they are old enough to learn never to do it again. Instead of bailing the twerp out, say its his damn fault and make him apologize. But they don't. And then it goes generation to generation and before you know it everyone acts like jerks to one another. Fourth, I think you must be unaware of the fact that a majority of kids are complete dumbasses. If they get put on Facebook for doing drugs at fourteen, they'd wear it like a damn badge, and same with bullying. If it became a law and was treated that weakly, every moron would be bullying someone so they can seem like a badass for breaking the law, just like how shoplifting is treated by teenagers.

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