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Is it necessary to have a system of punishment/reward?

It is one of the biggest issues that am living now, the fact of that we have to do something because we must do it, because we are afraid either of being punished or not being rewarded (Fear/Greed)
is it really necessary to live like that ?
law, religion, school, works, and all the other life issues are based on that system, and somehow you found yourself obliged to obey it too ...
what do you think ?



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  • Mar 13 2013: This is interesting but very complex issue.

    In theory we can have a system where people are free to do what they like and there is no need for punishment/reward.

    In reality, society typically motivates people by money to do work they would otherwise not do. Since we yet don't have unlimited resources we need to distribute the wealth as a reward based on people's effort and results?

    We need law and punishment in order to discourage and prevent behavior that hurts individuals or the society. However I think we need to put much more effort into prevention and make the punishment reasonable and fair.

    At school, it's about grading students thou I am not sure if we are rewarding students fairly and accurately. I think education will go through changes to give students more opportunities to succeed.
    • Mar 18 2013: On the topic of schools, I would say that there is a reason that we are working on those four or five main categories. It's because they are essentially stepping stones that you can combine and build off of for a career. If you're good at sports or art, good for you, but that's not the point of school. Join an art club or a sports team if you would like, but people saying school is being unfair by only measuring intelligence is like saying its unfair to fire a worker that's terrible at their job because they are a nice guy or they have nice hair.

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