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Is gossip and NLP the same?

When we trust people they allow us to effect their beliefs. The small things we whisper in someone's ear can effect them if they believe you are speaking from the heart. Is this same as NLP? How can we help people with gossip? If everyone knows how to do this what will be the effect?


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    Mar 13 2013: Isn't any form of oral communication in someway NLP?
    • Mar 13 2013: not always...

      if you are not aware of NLP techniques how can you use them? how exactly can you know you are using them for you or against you?

      we all communicate, because we simply cannot NOT communicate, but how well we communicate, that is the question.
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        Mar 14 2013: But...
        The ability to communicate via language is to effectively install/explain/share/etc something with another, therefore trying to understand or be understood. Therefore, you are quite literally programming someone with words no matter what you say, no?

        I understand that their are theories and practices within the study of NLP, in that sense I can see the direction John is coming from when questioning gossip and NLP. I wanted to extend it from there, proposing the possible idea that most already know forms of NLP, subconsciously, but obviously differ in abilities to detect it if it is being used to manipulate rather than honest gossip/conversation.

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