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Doing the math

Quite a few people in the replies to Dan Pallotta's talk have noticed that the math shown is somewhat odd from time to time.

So let's discuss this in a seperate conversation rather than in the video thread.

My personal opinion (in this post) is irrelevant, I'll take a possition myself in the debate though but want the starting post to be as neutral as possible.

Because I would like everyone to use the same numbers I've went through the vid and wrote down all numbers he uses on his slides (I made the 'topics' of the slides myself as his slides didn't have any topics):
12% poverty in the USA

Salary in profit vs non-profit organisations:
Stanford MBA (at age 38) = 400.000 $
CEO of a medical charity = 232.658 $
CEO of a hunger charity = 84.028 $

AIDS rides bicycle (over a course of 9 years):
182.000 cyclists raised 581.000.000 $

Charitable giving in USA:
2% GDP (300 billion)

organisations crossing the 50M $ annual revenue barrier since 1970:
144 non-profit
46136 profit

Launch AIDS rides:
50.000 $ (risk capital)
108.000.000 $ after 9 years (and after expenses).

Breast Cancer 3 days:
350.000 $ investment
194.000.000 $ after 5 years (and after expenses).

5% overhead for a bake sale.
40% 'overhead' (or investment in growth) in a company.
(would anyone know what a non-profit organisation spends on average on 'overhead'?)

Current charity balance (where the 2% GDP goes to):
20% of charity goes to Health and Human services. (60Billion $)
80% of charity goes to Religion/Education/Hospitals. (240Billion $)

3% GDP (450Billion or an added 150Billion ontop of the before mentioned 2%).

Topics: charity math

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    Mar 14 2013: Poverty in the usa?
    Who is doing with out can't stay out of simple trouble and the rest get government assistance. I don't feel sorry for the people that can't stay out of trouble sorry!!!
    I'm also from the show me state, so show me somebody that is doing with out essential needs to life that is not voluntary!!!
    • Mar 14 2013: Are there any good psychiatrists in the "show me" state?
      You are in serious need of one.
      Do you have a good job?
      Give it to 30,000 people who are out of work, lost their jobs or graduated and now their major is not applicable, but most importantly, let's throw everyone in to the same stereotype and blame them for having any kind of difficulty in life.
      So you see some people as valuable and others as not valuable, yes?
      Why don't you, quit your good job (if you have one) and take a menial, low-paying job cleaning out toilets, in a poor section of some big city? Would you think that job is not of value, not important and by association of having it, neither is the person who does it, and cannot survive on it? From your comment, I assume you would. So if you took that job, you are not important
      Donald Rumsfeld announced the day before 9/11 that the Pentagon could not account for 2.3 trillion dollars in transactions. Was it investigated, discussed, questions raised and pursued? No, because the next day he and his gang attacked the WTC and it got buried with all the other BS. That, is the welfare system and it hurts everysingleAmerican.

      Yes, people actually don't eat voluntarily, or have warm clothes or medical and are poor only by choice.
      You sir, are what is wrong with America. You and your mental illness that is Artificial Intelligence on display.
      A mental robot, a Manchurian Citizen.
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        Mar 18 2013: I'm the problem with the United States? What a laugh. I'm the one with the mental illness but your the one with the conspiracy theories. I wish only 30,000 were out of work. True Poverty is not in the USA, its only in third world countries, where people are with out essential living needs.


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