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Today we have more technology to acquire knowledge than than anytime in the past, yet we are more ignorant, what is up with that?

From what I read the knowledge of the average citizen has never been lower. How come?

Schools are doing a poor job.
How come?

The teachers are rewarded on something other than performance.
How come?

The Unions has a huge amount of public influence.
How Come?

They have a lot of money to spend/
How come?

Because various public officials have seen to it that they have collective bargaining.
How come?

Because various government officials have made it so.
How come?

Because these officials benefit hugely because of collective bargaining?
How come?

Because there is no accountability.
How come?

Because the government has slowly made apathy personally beneficial to the voters.


Closing Statement from pat gilbert

I did not hear any compelling reason to change my thinking on this. I can be discounted as merely "flag waving" but that is an admission of being guilty of the accusation ie not LOOKING because of preconceived notions.

I think the real answer is an education. I suppose the real question is are people educable? The meme of non prejudice is ubiquitous, and the consequent "I don't make value judgements" renders people quite stupid.

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    Mar 13 2013: That is the price we have to pay for having a mass society. Inefficiency is an inherent part of it. I have no reason to doubt all your above statements - the situation is dramatic in certain aspects, yet if you try for once looking at the whole picture from a greater distance you will see that the world, in fact, has never been better educated in its entirety, and people have never been better off than today.

    The same is in art. There have never been days when so much crap was produced as today, yet there have never been so many people dabbling in art as today.

    We could go on like this finding other parallels. What is more important is the question - is it all one nasty scheme prepared by the government or governments or yet another powerful forces to enslave all of us? I do not think so. No one can control what is happening and even if someone usurpts such rights they must know that life is always a polar phenomenon: whoever posits one thing inevitably posits its opposite at the same time.

    The discussion you raised is of utmost importance, no less.

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