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Do you know twins or parents of twin babies - What secret language do they speak?

What enigmatic connections and communications happen between twin babies and children.

Indeed, this is subject that fascinates millions of people around the world, watch:

9 million views in a few days

50 million views:

What is especially interesting is in prequel Part 1, from 1:40 mins onwards:

Some idioglossia or "twin language" going on between the two, they conspire:
"Let's both climb on the sofa now and do a headstand at the same time"

Here's what parents observe:

Know any twins or parents of twins?
Know any researcher studying this phenomenon?

Do ask them, come back and share their insights with the TED Community please.

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    Apr 1 2011: My twins were fraternal boys. Their 'secret' language was merely misformed words that they reinforced for each other. They had special names for each other that were simply rounded or mispronounced versions of their names- Nana for Daniel- Kissy for Christian and if you listened closely enough it was clear that they were speaking English but with their own twists. They were, however, born into a large household with two older brothers who spoke well and there was plenty of language around them. If a child were in a less language intense environment- they might begin to formulate their own names for objects.