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Why do we usually smile for pictures?

Why do we usually smile in our pictures? We are just walking around and talking and ... suddenly when the camera comes up we all become so happy! Does it have something to do with the camera, Is it because the camera is a funny thing?
And when the camera thing finished, as if nothing has happend, we become as dull as before!
Can someone please explain, What's happening here?!!

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    Mar 13 2013: Not long ago the camera simply meant your image was about to be captured for posterity, so look happy! Today it means your image may be viewed by millions worldwide in the very near future, so look happy!
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      Mar 17 2013: I think looking real is more admiring than looking happy.
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        Mar 17 2013: Posed versus candid photography is an age-old debate. I too prefer candid shots to preserve as memories. It seems more like I am looking at the person as they really were rather than the person they want others to see. People do not like to appear to be sad. Funeral Photographers are not in great demand. I see you are showing pearly whites in your avatar.

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