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How should we process information?

This was just something i had in the back of my mind. Our society is progressing at an accelerated rate, and i was just wondering your thoughts on this. Kids nowadays are being bombarded with so much data, real-life and virtual.

Can they harness this influx of information or should they learn to slow down?

Can we take more in by doing more activities and flooding our brains with information and stimulus? or by letting life slowly "sink in"?

There's so much I want to learn about the world and it feels like I'm learning too slow. I have books piled up on my desk waiting to be finished and at 300wpm it would take my a while to finish. I have looked into speed reading and photo-reading, both seem like a hoax. After finishing The Dumbest Generation, The Emperor of All Maladies, Psycho-cybernetics, Social Intelligence, and the Wealth of Nations, there will be so much more I want to know and learn. There's a whole shelf at Barnes and Nobles that I would love to go through, but it seems like learning is a grueling slow process and my instant-gratification wired brain wants it all NOW hahah...


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    Mar 26 2013: .

    We have to "sink in" danger.
    Our bio-evolving brain can never catch up with the growth of data.
    Facing the data, we are getting foolish quickly.

    So, making these data means making "invalid happiness"!?

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