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Should money (material gain and the things money can buy) be our goal? And if not, what should be?

Because I was watching these talks, and then brought their books, and found that there was no correlation between wealth and happiness beyond 75K a year.
Now this raises some interesting questions, like "what should our goal be" if happiness is not an end, but can become a mean. And even if we fail, we just synthesis happiness (For instance an equation in schools your taught is "work hard = money + rewards = happiness, but as psychology has proven that isn't really true at all)
Would be interested in what people would think! Because I feel that with this knowledge "working for money and the things money can buy" becomes rather useless.


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    Mar 13 2013: Personal preference. I've met a lot of people who are happy and content living the ideal suburban lifestyle. However, there are others out there who are never happy with where they are and are always in search for more.

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