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Being considered a geek or being geeky seems to be popular now. What changes over the past decade or so have made this possible?

I have been a geek my whole life. In the 90s, I saw many people teased (including me) for having geeky interests, but now geek culture seems much more warmly embraced. What has changed to make this true?

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    Mar 14 2013: What changed my friend is that Geeks run the world now, they make the most money, they are the smartest and therefore are most capable of providing.
    Not only can they influence things from the top, they are now role models to people who want to be successful, success is attractive and so we have reached the point where being a Geek, is attractive because of all the things it implies.

    Plus, who doesn't love video games!
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    Mar 13 2013: it might have something to do with population increase. As there are more and more people, there is more pressure to be tolerant and accepting, people who were formerly not tolerated now are.
  • Mar 13 2013: Sorry for not being clear. Geek culture being more widely embraced does not mean people are making friends with geeks. It means things formerly considered geeky are now becoming more widely embraced/mainstream.
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    Mar 13 2013: People realized

    geeks = smart = tech job = $$$ = in their interest to befriend you