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Is sustainable tourism ever possible?

Is the idea that tourism could be sustainable a reality we are yet to find, or an impossible thought. Could we balance the environment, economy, and culture of tourist destinations?


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    Mar 13 2013: I believe that sustainable tourism is possible when:

    1) it incorporates decision-making by the entire community without the marginalization of certain groups for the sake of time, money and ease
    2) economic viability signifies collective pride of ownership as well as a tool for alleviating poverty
    3) local ownership and management of tourism businesses link natural resource capital with financial capital
    4) it supports the creation of a citizenship that feels rooted to the region so they proudly participate in thousands of small education, restoration, productive diversification and conservation tasks

    Is that all just pie in the sky? No, as there are successful examples of communities in Africa and South America that have done the hard work, and have realized the benefits of authentic sustainable tourism. I try and spotlight as many of these stories as possible through writing and photography.

    You can read more at http://www.greenloons.com

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