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Is sustainable tourism ever possible?

Is the idea that tourism could be sustainable a reality we are yet to find, or an impossible thought. Could we balance the environment, economy, and culture of tourist destinations?


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    Mar 13 2013: It is an impossible thought. The first downfall is that there are a few well meaning organizations with international clout that really pushes the concept, a concept that is interpreted by different regions and culture to mean very different things, but Just a few countries in the world have drafted tourism policies that have embraced the concept of sustainable tourism.

    At this juncture of our existence the nicely formulated sustainable tourism principles and policy guidelines are idealistic. The means nor the formula does not exist to engage all governing and stakeholder organizations to fully understand and embrace the concept to the extent where economy, culture and tourist destinations can find a true balance. There will be a few examples that will come close and stand out as good examples, but how do we account for this as a percentage of all tourism.

    As you will determine by now, i do feel that the concept should not be applied to a select few niche of travel types but across the spectrum. I am not pessimistic, I do actually like the idea and embrace them, but i have long known that I am an an idealist.

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