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Your Digital Entity -- Building Personal BRAND in the Cloud...

We all have some form of digital presence. It could be your profile on TED, LinkedIn, facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. To varying degrees, they can help to build your Personal Brand in cyberspace. But is there a better way?

I've been thinking about this quite a bit lately. You can only go so far with a profile on any of these sites. And the Brand is more about the platform than it is about you.

Most of us have bits and pieces of our digital DNA spread all over the place, but I would venture to guess, relatively few of us have a separate and unique, individual presence -- a body of our own of sorts in the Cloud.

I was talking about this with my 25-year old daughter, Sarah. My position was that the Internet is in its infancy, and its design and use has mostly been driven by commercial interests. I'm not all that satisfied simply having a cookie-cutter profile on facebook or LinkedIn, designed for vast data collection and collation to sift through my every click and like, so that marketers can bombard me with product messages.

So in a rebellion of sorts, I set out a few days ago to build my own personal site -- My Digital Entity -- a place where any individual, whether it be for business or social interests, could go and learn something about me; and in a way that better represents my essence -- my personal brand.

My daughter decided it was a waste of time before I even started. Fair enough, we're all entitled to our opinion. The site location, hosting and design tools were all free. It took me a couple of days to think about what I wanted to say, and how to convey the message. Construction was quick, easy, and required no special skills.

And now, I am interested in your opinion. I invite you to visit my site and make any comment you wish.

But I'm most interested to know what impression it gives you about me?

And if you see it is a useful tool for building personal brand?

Thank you!

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    Mar 13 2013: Jeffery,

    Very interesting topic. This idea came to me several years back. What if we created a complete digital profile of ourselves on a website? is owned by Google. How does this relate to your idea?
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      Mar 13 2013: Wow...that is fascinating to interact with! There are literally hundreds of applications I can think of for having a fully functioning, interactive, digital entity in the Cloud. Many of the applications I contemplate either don't exist yet or are being applied in bits and pieces scattered throughout various platforms and systems.

      Zygote Body seems like it would clearly have benefit in the field of remote health monitoring/diagnosis; and could be a very cool tool if modified to enable personalization for individual avitar creation.

      Thank you John!