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The Kony 2012 Controversy: Does this discussion apply?

Invisible Children has been widely criticized for the way it highlighted warlord Joseph Kony and his Lords Resistance Army. Specifically, skeptics tore through their financial statements and methodology, branding the movement as the poster-child for 'slacktivism'. Does Mr. Pallotta's TED talk apply here, or did Invisible Children act beyond the boundaries that the speaker listed?


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  • Mar 13 2013: While this is by no means an informed opinion, I can say that Kony2012 is the first thing that I thought of while listening to this talk.

    I think many of the criticisms of the Kony campaign are well refuted with this talk, at least the criticisms of exactly how much money was spent on field work as opposed to marketing or paying people (although I don't know all of the information about how much people were paid in the organization, ect.) Other issues were raised about Kony2012 though, which may or may not be easily refuted, such as how the money was used on the ground to try to catch Kony (who was armed, ect.). I really don't know enough about that to give a good opinion, however.

    What is true is that I think the Kony campaign may have ended up hurting people's belief in NPO's as a whole, and I wish the collapse of it hadn't happened, especially with the high-profile humiliation of it's founder. And I do think much of the criticism of Kony2012 is based on the idea that NPO's shouldn't market, which may have lead to the founder's emotional collapse (although this is supposition).

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