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How can we best engage college students in the idea of learning instead of just getting a degree?

I work at a 4 year, public university and I see a great deal of students who come to school to get their degree (which they equate to money/success) and do not care about learning. What are your thoughts on the best way to engage them in the actual process of learning. I have my thoughts, but would love to hear my fellow TEDsters thoughts.


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    Apr 7 2013: I believe we should look back to the greeks. they had the word "skole", meaning leisure, which later would become "school" in english. leisure meant not simply relaxing recreation, but kind of making search of knowledge and wisdom your lifestyle. finding joy and feeling like you belong just as any other activity we do, but by learning through discussion, practical experimenting and drawing experience from others.

    for this to happen money wod have to seize being boss. seeing as few of the sciences and researches that are important and urgent are not profitable..

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