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How can we best engage college students in the idea of learning instead of just getting a degree?

I work at a 4 year, public university and I see a great deal of students who come to school to get their degree (which they equate to money/success) and do not care about learning. What are your thoughts on the best way to engage them in the actual process of learning. I have my thoughts, but would love to hear my fellow TEDsters thoughts.


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  • Mar 16 2013: Here is some perspectives from a college student:

    1) Try to get to a course at least one project where you must apply your knowledge from that course to real life; for example students studying a finance course could possibly all do a suggestion how to finance some new or small company near by and make it thrive even more. Different groups would make suggestions and the best group whose suggestion is chosen would get some nice reward even (money reward from company?)?

    2) Make lectures interesting

    3) More practical , less theory. Or at least if you must teach theory try to keep it to a minimum and then move to practise

    4) The best of these suggestions and the way it will be in future ( but hardest to excecute) is making studying more game like. There has been already talks about this subject on TED talk ( did not find link tough). There are basically 2 ways to this ( and yes this motivates even college students not just younger people). First: so called point system: you get points from attending lectures, doing homework, from your grades etc.(this should of course be some kind of application not just marks on professors book). Second: actually making GAMES on course subjects. It can be fairly simple like your character could be a young businessman and you must solve differents kinds of calculations to advance in a company and finally you would be the CEO and you would have a big company.

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