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Droid Car

Car operated by android, features will be as follows
- user carries and walks in with Android phone into a car and he places the phone in the car dock which will be located at traditional navigation place
- the moment he places it, car will load all the dashboard content which already configured by user with his chose in android app
(car dashboard will be a just standalone monitor like our PC monitor)
- re configurable dash board
- headlights operated by system
- tail lights are operated based on vamps navigation system. If we are driving and need to take left or right google maps will on the tail light just before 200 feet
- machine or engine details, performance will be displayed on dash
- an intelligent system lessons to driver voice and gives options.

Let us say, while driving driver asks and searches with voice search for Starbucks. It should responded with voice and on conformation droid should generate and map on the Go. 

There are number of apps available in mobile App stores which can read the data from ODB2 connector and its limited to the car speed, engine performance information.

In the current generation cars, the touch interface introduced by cars companies are not on a common platform and limited to media, navigation.

If there will be a common platform where all cars will follow a OS to build then there will be more changes of implementing the above.

More over we can use re-configure our dashboard presentations, navigation system in the dashboard, clock, media, etc...


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