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Can God be defined?

I find that after debating with many people, many don't have a definition of what "God" is. (For even when you go to a church many people have different definitions ; and not many have a "shared definition".) And I find that many people only list Gods, but (and correct me if I am wrong) that listing gods is just like listing various variations of Meats or dogs, you still haven't told me what a "dog" or a "meat" is! Or for that matter : What "God" is!
Also on the same matter, I am genially interested, what is the definition of "existence"?
Because these two issues are vital to the debate : "Does God exist?"
And I hope this question will be taken in good spirit, and that no offence is taken.

Strongly recommend you join my debate on this ( Can we ever design an experiment which can determine whether God exist or not?) on this link : http://www.ted.com/conversations/17451/can_we_ever_design_an_experime.html


Closing Statement from Bernard White

God mostly only have subjective definitions. (And very few have a "shared (objective) definition" of what "God" is!) And usually reflects the moral code of that individual! (And the society's values).
Yet God does hold many mystical properties, and is sometimes defined as emotions such as "Love", which is dependent on the human mind and relies in all of us.
While others choose to define God as being more of a "Personal God", which is external (independent) to the body, A God of intervention.
And other choose to define God as a more of a Impersonal God, one of pure logic and maths. (If I can say that!)
However I will not comment much more, due to the fact that I have a feeling I would not do a good job of it!
This is my closing comment. :D
Hope you liked it!

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  • Mar 23 2013: God is the Absolute, that which is the Greatest of all things (The Greatest Good,Truth, Just), so great we could possibly not conceive his true essence. He is omni-everything as we would like to describe him, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, omnibenevolent the most famous examples, but again, they don't come to the scope of truly describing his greatness for human words cannot do that. He is the creator of everything that is in the world, that which brought the world from nonexistence into existence. He is the eternal judger of all that, that looks upon the world with all-seeing eyes. He has appeared before man in the form of revelation, whether originally to Adam, then to Abraham, then to Moses in the burning bush, incarnate as His "son" Jesus Christ, or spoken to Muhammad in the form of the Quran, as well as in the respective Hindu and Buddhist traditions that I am unfamiliar with. He is that is. All that is is God.
    • Mar 24 2013: Buddhism is not a religion.
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        Mar 26 2013: I lived in a predominantly Buddhist country for some years.
        Went to Buddhist temples, funerals, watched them pray and make offerings.
        The scriptures, the teachings, the belief in spirits and the afterlife.
        I guess some even believe in gods, just that they are not key to escaping the cycle of reincarnation and suffering.
        Also Buddha and the Bohisatta are about as close to being gods as you can get without being born a god.
        The culture was also infused with brahamanism and other spiritual beliefs all overlaping
        I suggest it is perhaps a bit Western Centric not to consider Buddhism a type of religion.
        • Mar 26 2013: Western Centric ? Probably, but by definition Buddhism is a philosophy and not a religion. So, in itself, no it's not a religion, but different cultures have different ways of seeing it. For some people it's making the philosophy into a religion.
      • Mar 29 2013: Good accurate reply

        It is not a "religion" and a as you futher point too it is a "Philosophy" ....but lets add ...it can...by intervention by the human ego, be turned into a "Religion"

        The same applies to that which is called "Christianity" ..the word Christ doesn't refer to a person or Personality ...it is derived for the Greek "Christos" which then meant a Principle ( very similar to Philosophy )
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        Mar 30 2013: Depends on how you define Religion e.g. wikipedia:

        Religion is an organized collection of belief systems, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to spirituality and, sometimes, to moral value.

        Buddhism is a religion by this definition.

        It's also another man (as in male) made religion and sexist in practice. I wonder if the Dalai Lama will ever be reincarnated as a female. Although some teachings resonate with me. People trying to makes sense of life.

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