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How can we improve the TED translations project?

Can we make TED translations even better and more accurate? How can we cooperate easier with other translators? Are you spreading the good word on all kinds of social networks? What about on local "youtubes" - each country has its own one.What about schools and universities?

In my opinion TED could also be used as a great language learning/improving tool. After a translation is completed, a mechanism displaying the english/other language text could be displayed simultaneously. Viewing the body language, the accent and the intonation together with the simultaneous translation can bring to the experience.

Please share your ideas how this great project can expand become more accessible?


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    Mar 10 2011: Are you talking about coherent cognition? Translation amongst one another? The issue is typically the question are to boast a collaborative thought rather then introducing personal comprehensive learning to the collaborative thought and sharing a organizing the thoughts amongst one another. It is a fine line but ultimately the perspectives become from location, income, possible restraints, etc.. Real translation only occurs at the highest level where it is no longer needed. The Ted platform should concentrate entirely on stabilizing this information. Another word Bill Gates should be looking for information from the troubles he introduced to society. Which is what hes doing in the open learning projects, gathering information from the audience within an open platform. His latest on State budget ultimately concludes that at anyone time the overall purchases from the state either accommodate one state and most often another nation. It being another nation is the issue, as states are collectively losing money overall, individually to either one another and ultimately nations such as Britain, Japan, and Germany. This are basic formations. Look at the European Union as the push and pull of hungry wolves. Onces money is introduced to any one of the 13+ aligned nations they can easily have their share and place funds accordingly to best strategize against repayment with seemingly not breaking any laws or regulations throughout the abundance of more micro imports and exports.

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