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How can we improve the TED translations project?

Can we make TED translations even better and more accurate? How can we cooperate easier with other translators? Are you spreading the good word on all kinds of social networks? What about on local "youtubes" - each country has its own one.What about schools and universities?

In my opinion TED could also be used as a great language learning/improving tool. After a translation is completed, a mechanism displaying the english/other language text could be displayed simultaneously. Viewing the body language, the accent and the intonation together with the simultaneous translation can bring to the experience.

Please share your ideas how this great project can expand become more accessible?


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    Feb 15 2011: There is another conversation in the ideas folder about translating the whole TED site to different languages (navigation, the about panels, etc.).
    While this isn't exactly pertinent to your question, it would be an important step to get more people into the TED community.

    Maybe later there could be an effort to translate into english the TEDx talks from different languages. There are some real gems out there which should be watched by a wider community.
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      Feb 19 2011: I agree with you on translating the TEDx talks. It should not be too difficult to have a "master translation" into English and to take the translation effort into additional languages from there. This way, the bulk of the work could be done by the current community, whereas otherwise you would need an awful lot of language combinations.

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