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How do we better organize our TED conversations?

Our conversations are powerful and meaningful. How do we structure this forum to better connect and engage us in a positive way?


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    Mar 11 2013: Good question, the way "conversations" are haphazardly and often incorrectly attributed to the prescribed formats is a sad commentary on the TED community. Debates are not Questions, Questions are not Ideas ect. I would expect the
    TED community to be more aware of the differences and more thoughtful about which format is appropriate for their contribution…that said…

    Debate - Open with a statement, a short paragraph that encompasses your topic followed by an argument for your position relevant to the topic, all respondent commenters/debaters then state their position and offer their argument, respond to specific commentary from the "reply" button and so on…Debates are for arguing a particular position on a given topic

    Question - an inquiry, submitted for the express purpose of enlisting an opinion or informed response…Questions are a way to elicit a response or gather information on a specific topic

    Idea - State your Idea, support it with whatever information is relevant and engage or encourage feedback…the sponsor should reply to each commenter individually with the "reply" button

    Not rocket science and might help make the conversations more engaging...
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      Mar 11 2013: How can we implement a clear format policy and remain open?
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        Mar 11 2013: I think if the policy were presented in a manner that inspires clarity as a suggestion rather than "set in stone" demand. Could mean setting up a simple "roll over" for each format button on the webpage for TED Conversations that brings up a small "pulldown" window containing a suggested outline for that format in clear language. At least then it would suggest an appropriate outline and still leave it up the individual how to word their contribution in real time.
      • Mar 12 2013: let people all have good education:)

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