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How did you discover your passion?

I've been searching - in a slightly obsessive way- for something that would spark that fire within. What is your passion? How old were you when you discovered it? Was it accidental or while searching for it?

Thank you for your answers.

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    Mar 12 2013: "If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on."
    ~Steve Jobs
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    Mar 11 2013: People often try to find their passions in positives. However, often our passions arise from dire straits or sincere need...or tragedy. For example, my son's illness and developmental delays have motivated me to start developing tools and resources for other parents going through similar experiences.

    So, when you're asking what you're passionate about, look outside the positive. Look for something negative you'd like to turn into a positive.
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    Mar 11 2013: over time and slowly. to use the parlance of our times, my "passion" is writing and performing songs, either by myself or with my band.

    I've always been an enthusiastic pop-music lover (The Kinks, The Beatles, Neil Young...) and it was, I guess, natural that I picked up a guitar but it didn't happen until I was almost 20 years old.

    From there, I progressed slowly but steadily until I formed a band with my brother back in 2000. Over the last 12 years, it has been ebbs and flows but generally taking more steps forward than backwards.

    Now, I have finally recognised it enough that I have left my dull day job behind to devote myself to music. It doesn't make me much money (and EVERYONE will tell you that about following a dream) but what I get from it is so much more valuable that extra change in my pocket.
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    Mar 11 2013: Here is a suggestion I have seen often. Make a list for yourself of the things you remember that you just loved to experience- your most elated moments. When you look at things they have in common, what do you see?
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    Mar 13 2013: I made my pitch for the dairy life below. I will say that if that doesn't interest you, acting is rather pleasant and challenging, if that's really you in the photo you're quite beautiful and beauty would help in an acting career.
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    Mar 12 2013: My biggest passion is milk and dairy farming. The real story of how I discovered it is a long one, but the short answer is I got interested by reading in the library about the Masai people of Kenya. They don't have a lot of different jobs, such as lawyer, doctor, psychologist, etc. Every Masai man is a dairy herder, and every woman is a dairy wife.

    I strayed from it to try other things, such as acting on television/movies, and recording music, but I'm really convinced the dairy life is the best one. Do you like milk and milk products, such as yogurt and ice cream? Perhaps dairy will become your passion, too.

    What will you do with my answer?
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    Mar 12 2013: I didn't discover my passion (and then passions) until I was in my 30s. It, then they, found me while I was searching for something else after tragedy. If the tragedy was a prerequisite for discovering my passion(s), then it wasn't really such a tragedy, was it? Now I'm grateful for the experience that changed my life in such a delightful way.