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Why Would God Allow a Tragedy?

If God is truly a God of Love then why would God not stop a tragedy? I have often asked myself this question. Thousands of posts on Facebook after the recent shootings in Connecticut prove we all have the same question. Our hearts were torn apart in such a way that our country is now fighting over gun control to prevent this from ever happening again. The pain is just too unbearable to think of this ever happening to one of our own children. The question still remains, no matter what we do, “Why would God allow this to happen”? I believe many people questioned their faith at times of tragedy.
What IF?
What if this tragedy, these beautiful people that lost their lives, bring us to a new understanding of God in a much more meaningful way. What if we realized, now more than ever, we are a part of each and every person that lost their life on that day? What if we realize they will never be lost because collectively, we all died that day? The world did come to an end on Dec 14th 2012 as we once knew it. There is no longer a need for a question like “Why Would God Allow a Tragedy” but a realization that God is there in every past, present and future moment. Because God gave us freewill to be who we are.

God Bless to those whose life was tragically taken, we love you forever…………………..


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  • Mar 17 2013: yes but it does cause harm just not physically but mentally it does and the mental is what causes the physical so yes it does harm others and i get what your trying to say with that example but the world would be a better place if we all had set morals and ideas instead of all of us making our own up it would decrease violence dramatically and ignorance would disappear entirely
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      Mar 17 2013: I did consider that there could be mental harm and agree with you to some extend.
      One person I studied was Krishnamurti http://www.jkrishnamurti.org/index.php and his thoughts on observation. By quieting our own thoughts to become an observer in a situation we can have better understanding. You would gain sensitivity for another and have insight so that your conversations were not intrusive. But where I agree with you is that does not seem to be taking place in the real world. The key word is seem.
      Through observation and years of painstaking research I believe we are on a spiraling path upwards. The first signs of physical life consisting of highly advanced atomic structures unified into molecules collectively functioning as cells. From the beginning there was unification. But there is also a constant recycling going on at the same time. Not one cell a person is born with is still there when they reach age seven. I believe collectively as atoms unified, human mankind is on the same path. Each individual seeing themselves from their own pivotal viewpoint.
      • Mar 17 2013: i completely agree with you on listening and having empathy for one another it's one skill i take real pride in because yes your right we all start our equal on the moral playing field it is our environment that creates ignorance and bias but that environment of bias has always been strongly linked to spirituality and primitive man's attempt at understanding the world around him in his limited field of understanding and i also understand that when you are intrusive people generally just shut you off and listen to nothing of your words also your right that we are the same (other than differing IQ) at birth but i don't agree that we are all on the same path maybe evolution wise but even that has vast diversity just like there is vast diversity in races and cultures everyone is mostly stuck in their own upbringing rarely being able to see outside of it and if we were all on the same wavelength (religion and genetics) empathy would be much stronger but our differences repel each other creating ignorance and hatred
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      Mar 17 2013: Egocentric Individualistic Entities.
      Each and every organism at a lower level plays an integral role in the formation of a higher level of creation. If it had to insist on its own little egocentric individualistic being, then its very own creation would serve no purpose. This pyramid of unification certainly does not end with humans being far from the top. Across all levels of unified awareness time is the unified summation hence the accumulation of the sum of all that is part and parcel from within. As such individualism can only exist with the acknowledgement that its very existence is based on the unification of lower levels of individualism but yet in itself only forms an integral part of something much greater existing on a higher level. Once you get to realize this it would make you acutely aware that by treating individuals on the same level of existence as yourself with disrespect and in an ill manner you as an entity are nothing more than a cancerous cell. As such you are a danger to that which exists on a higher level standing against the very purpose of evolution and becomes a threat for its survival. Only by eradicating these cancerous entities can evolution be safeguarded towards a higher level of existence.
      • Mar 17 2013: yes everyone person no matter how little has a role in the big picture of society just like one ant is a part of a colony and i also agree with you that if an individual focuses only on itself its creation was for nothing and even worse than nothing because these individuals harm others in that they do not aid the overall society but with humans and modern society these individuals have no repercussions and many cultures actually influence them with positivity into their own egocentricity and i don't get what you mean by "This pyramid of unification certainly does not end with humans being far from the top" you mean that we are inferior compared to how we will evolve later on? and the truth is we are not all on the same level because a person of "special" needs is nowhere on the same level as an nuclear physicist who wins a nobel prize this is because nobody is on the same level as one another once they have adopted their own individuality based of their tiny window of their upbringings hence halting or changing someone who is a damage upon the higher society actually improves society as a whole because you have it the wrong way around it is the individuals who egocentricity leads to ignorance and irrationality that are the cancerous cells and they can be fixed to better our species as a whole with your thinking anyone who changes the minds of others is damaging society so what about teachers? pastors? and any and every scientist?

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