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Why Would God Allow a Tragedy?

If God is truly a God of Love then why would God not stop a tragedy? I have often asked myself this question. Thousands of posts on Facebook after the recent shootings in Connecticut prove we all have the same question. Our hearts were torn apart in such a way that our country is now fighting over gun control to prevent this from ever happening again. The pain is just too unbearable to think of this ever happening to one of our own children. The question still remains, no matter what we do, “Why would God allow this to happen”? I believe many people questioned their faith at times of tragedy.
What IF?
What if this tragedy, these beautiful people that lost their lives, bring us to a new understanding of God in a much more meaningful way. What if we realized, now more than ever, we are a part of each and every person that lost their life on that day? What if we realize they will never be lost because collectively, we all died that day? The world did come to an end on Dec 14th 2012 as we once knew it. There is no longer a need for a question like “Why Would God Allow a Tragedy” but a realization that God is there in every past, present and future moment. Because God gave us freewill to be who we are.

God Bless to those whose life was tragically taken, we love you forever…………………..


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    Mar 17 2013: Freewill is nothing other than the marketing of the end products resultant from the thoughts of the subconscious. As such freewill is the shopping malls of the mind and however you choose to entertain those thoughts will ultimately define your destiny. Freewill is and always will be there for you to embrace no matter what the circumstances. It’s up to each and every mortal to either embrace it or choose to conform to the thought process of others which often lack integrity. The latter would then be nothing less than subjecting yourself to the freewill of others getting to make decisions on your behalf most often not beneficial for the majority of humanity. It might be neither good nor bad but then it’s for you to decide having the freedom of choice to do so. Unfortunately we live in a world where most decisions are made based on the fear of ridicule, rejection and pear pressure.

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