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Why Would God Allow a Tragedy?

If God is truly a God of Love then why would God not stop a tragedy? I have often asked myself this question. Thousands of posts on Facebook after the recent shootings in Connecticut prove we all have the same question. Our hearts were torn apart in such a way that our country is now fighting over gun control to prevent this from ever happening again. The pain is just too unbearable to think of this ever happening to one of our own children. The question still remains, no matter what we do, “Why would God allow this to happen”? I believe many people questioned their faith at times of tragedy.
What IF?
What if this tragedy, these beautiful people that lost their lives, bring us to a new understanding of God in a much more meaningful way. What if we realized, now more than ever, we are a part of each and every person that lost their life on that day? What if we realize they will never be lost because collectively, we all died that day? The world did come to an end on Dec 14th 2012 as we once knew it. There is no longer a need for a question like “Why Would God Allow a Tragedy” but a realization that God is there in every past, present and future moment. Because God gave us freewill to be who we are.

God Bless to those whose life was tragically taken, we love you forever…………………..


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  • Mar 11 2013: Is this God you are referring to
    Willing but not able? Then He is not Omnipotent.
    If He is able but not willing, then He is malevolent.
    If He is both willing and able, where does this evil come from?
    If He is neither willing nor able, why call Him God?

    Do you believe there is one who has all power, and that one is God?
    Then your God has evil power and sees fit and has always seen fit
    to profusely, profoundly and liberally use evil power throughout the history of we humans, supposedly His Children.

    I personally do not identify with my abuser. Perhaps you do.
    If you do, then you support apartheid, slavery, murder, rape, and the invasion of other countries and
    destroying their "burgeoning free-will democracies".

    This has to be allowed by almost any God that might exist with the attributes that most people attribute to God/s.
    These tragedies have happened for all time and have not yet brought humans to a new understanding of God in a meaningful way, as apparently, though humans really want this, God will not allow it. So goes free will.

    Just ask Judas. He had absolutely no free will in the matter.
    He was told what to do and if he didn't do it, the story ends right then and there.
    Free will? With more bacteria living on your body then there are cells in it?

    When I say to others, "God is cruel, sadistic and evil," they readily agree.
    They believe in God, a loving God, oh, slightly demanding and so on, but when I say those words, their entire demeanor changes and they quickly admit God is those bad things. So, they choose the abuser and identify with the abuser.
    And that, is why, not if, a God would allow such things to happen. Apparently, no problem for God.
    Just all part of His fun.
    And that, is why I would never want to have such an entity in my life nor do I really understand why anyone else would except for the victim/abuser Stockholm connection.

    Religion: the source of evil in the world. 6th Commandant. Don't kill. But religious people do and condone it.
    • Mar 12 2013: God is neither omniscient nor omnipotent. The eternal battle between good and evil is evident in the duality of nature---sometimes it is good, sometimes evil. What could be a greater duality than the fact that the most beautiful act, making love, is also the most brutal act, rape? God "controls" neither. God gave us free will with the hope (again God is not omniscient) that we would choose to do good i.e. side with God and not the alternative.

      We can direct as opposed to control nature. Some day we may direct the weather, prevent earthquakes, deflect/destroy asteroids, cure all genetic diseases, etc. Is this "conquering evil"?

      Because God is not omniscient it can't be omnipotent.
      • Mar 14 2013: Hi Richard.
        Based on what you have written, I confess that I see God as evil, sadistic, uncaring, cruel
        and so on. I don't really find any good attributes or qualities in this idea of God that would compel me to even want or desire such an entity in my life, for any reason whatsoever.
        Humans have virtually no free at all. What free will they might have is tiny, minute, almost inconsequential and your statements are based on everyone accepting there is a God to begin with.
        Like I said, Judas had no free will in the matter of betraying his closest friend. None at all.

        He had to betray Jesus (in the story), or said story would have ended as soon as he stood up for Jesus. Pontius Pilate would not have had nor allowed the crucifixion of Christ and the rest of the story wouldn't have happened.

        Since there seems to be no problem with people choosing evil over good, and those I might add fall into categories like the Moral Majority in America, the leaders and Presidents like both of the "Shock and Awe" burning Bushes, Secretaries of Defense, CIA leaders, religious leaders and institutions. These are people who lie and invade and kill using God as their crutch.
        Now this has been going on for some time and apparently this cruel, sadistic God still ain't satisfied or satiated with the Good People of God performing their blood-letting in the name of God.
        And if you care to admit, many believe and agree with these ideas and justifications for torture, murder, enslavement, poverty, invasion, daily horror and on and on for decades with immunity and impunity.
        Please don't say they will be judged or will pay for this in the next life, without some proof.
        That is just wishful, whistling-while-walking-past-the-graveyard thinking.
        Many have done these things and never paid for any of it. Only the victims paid, and still pay.

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