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Why Would God Allow a Tragedy?

If God is truly a God of Love then why would God not stop a tragedy? I have often asked myself this question. Thousands of posts on Facebook after the recent shootings in Connecticut prove we all have the same question. Our hearts were torn apart in such a way that our country is now fighting over gun control to prevent this from ever happening again. The pain is just too unbearable to think of this ever happening to one of our own children. The question still remains, no matter what we do, “Why would God allow this to happen”? I believe many people questioned their faith at times of tragedy.
What IF?
What if this tragedy, these beautiful people that lost their lives, bring us to a new understanding of God in a much more meaningful way. What if we realized, now more than ever, we are a part of each and every person that lost their life on that day? What if we realize they will never be lost because collectively, we all died that day? The world did come to an end on Dec 14th 2012 as we once knew it. There is no longer a need for a question like “Why Would God Allow a Tragedy” but a realization that God is there in every past, present and future moment. Because God gave us freewill to be who we are.

God Bless to those whose life was tragically taken, we love you forever…………………..


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    Mar 11 2013: We have chosen to have nothing to do with God. We have chosen to suit ourselves. We bring up our children with no fear or respect of God, so why are we surprised when some use their 'God Given' free will to kill people ? We reap what we sow.

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      Mar 12 2013: this is assuming that God exist but let me ask you this,

      If God did exist, would things have been better? Would murder stop?

      If you say that everything is up to us and our free-will, in light of God existing and looking over us, then I would have to say that God wants nothing to do with humanity. This is what gives me reason to doubt
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        Mar 12 2013: Thank You Orlando for your comment. To be honest I posted this question to open up conversations about God because of the many (not “all” like I stated and would retract) but many posts I read on Facebook questioning “why would God would let this happen”? I started to question religion when I realized as I grew up that there were many more beliefs than what my parent’s church had taught me. As I began to mature, I realized that each person has their own belief system. Sure people can change their mind at any time. And that is the beauty of it all. I also want to comment on your last words “This is what gives me reason to doubt”. The key word here is REASON. I have spent my entire life seeking out the true meaning to our existence with 25 years of painstaking research. Quantum Physics, Atoms, the Universe, and our Brains you name it. I discovered a unique connection in all matter of the universe. Think “Push Us Forward” rather than, but similar to “Pay it Forward” What I found was that on the Micro level there was a miracle taking place on the atomic level. This now allowed me to finally understand the meaning of how God, or our higher self, or whatever you may believe to be all knowing. That there is indeed a singularity of all knowledge. But I am not to judge how others interpreted my findings. They are however scientifically sound and I will debate any and all.
        It is totally reasonable to doubt and you have to come to your own conclusions in life.
        My you enjoy a beautiful life.
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        Mar 13 2013: Hi Orlando,
        If we obeyed God's command "Do not murder", then the murder would stop.

        We are God's children. He loves us whether we obey or not. Much like a human dad would. He would prefer we obeyed, because it would be better for us if we did, but he still cares for us when we don't.

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          Mar 13 2013: Hi Peter,
          You say... "he loves us whether we obey or not". BUT...if we don't, he sends us to suffer and burn for an eternity in hell. I had a dad like that....it is abusive, and certainly NOT in any way, shape or form loving.
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          Mar 13 2013: HI Peter,

          You stated: "If we obeyed God's command "Do not murder", then the murder would stop"

          I personally think we would have came to the conclusion about murder without God. Sure there are people who still and murder but I doubt this is because they are out of touch with God.

          As for people like myself, Colleen and many of other people who do not murder, you would have to explain why we do not do such a thing. I for one do not murder people for the simple fact that it is simply just the wrong thing to do and many people will be hurt by my actions..you cannot credit my good grace to the Almighty..

          If it is God that leads you not to murder then that is a good thing because people are not suffering on your behalf. If this is the case I would say that you should give yourself more credit because you do not appear to be a horrible person at all.

          I am with Colleen in that we should not suffer eternal hell fire if we do not obey God..at least our human parents will eventually allow us to leave timeout. God, he just seems to have issues that he needs to work out if he cannot forgive me for not believing in him.
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        Mar 13 2013: Good point Orlando,
        As thinking, feeling, intelligent evolving humans, we may come to realizations regarding murder more effectively WITHOUT belief in a god. We know that many people in our world have been killed IN THE NAME OF A GOD.

        If it is, in fact, the belief in a god that motivates people to not murder, abuse, or violate the rights of others, then that belief in a god is beneficial. However, that HAS NOT been the case throughout history.

        This topic..."Why Would God Allow a Tragedy?", first assumes that there IS a god....some gods.....whatever......

        Then it assumes (based on a statement in the introduction) that...
        "God gave us freewill to be who we are."

        And this god, who is supposedly unconditionally loving, is allowing tragedy"?

        OH, and if we do not believe in this god, this unconditionally loving god, will punish us.

        Orlando, I totally agree with you...this god, or the illusion of a god, seems to have some issues that "he" needs to work out!
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          Mar 14 2013: Hi Colleen /. Orlando.

          I do understand where your coming from with the " send us to Hell "attitude. As a human being, that is my attitude as well. However, as a Christian, I have to look deeper.
          First off; I believe our conscience is God-given, So that even without faith, mankind does have a moral compass; should he/she chose to follow it. I came to faith at 35; I honestly don't think I am any better a person now than I was before. You do of course mellow a bit with age.
          Personally Hell doesn't concern me, as it doesn't apply to me; if I thought it did, I would take steps sharpish. However. We are told that God can have no contact with sin. We are told that any sin would ruin Heaven.
          I look on it like we are born as Crack Cocaine addicts, because our parents were addicts . God informs us of this fact, & the inevitable outcome; painful death. He can cure the addiction, but we have to agree. Most don't & the consequences follow. It's not that God sends us to Hell, we are on our way there anyway. He died that everyone could be cured, but most reject the advice. I think that very many people know well that God exists, but they think He is wrong. I figure it's His universe, & He can do as He pleases. Me; I grab the 'cure' with both hands; get on with my life; & look forward to the next one.
          You want to argue with God; best of luck.

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        Mar 14 2013: Hi Peter,
        Personally, hell doesn't concern me either....on that we seem to agree:>)

        I am aware Peter, of what you have been told....you have informed us about that many times. I was told some of those things as a child as well, and even as a child, some things I was told did not make sense.

        You say we were born as addicts because our parents were addicts. That makes a little sense. I was born into a catholic family, and I began to see the "addiction" to a religion that didn't make sense even as a child.

        First you say "hell doesn't concern" you, then you say..."It's not that God sends us to Hell, we are on our way there anyway."

        Peter, I've asked you this before, and I'll probably keep asking.....do you ever really look at what you write and question why you write it?
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          Mar 15 2013: Hi Colleen.

          ""do you ever really look at what you write and question why you write it?""

          Could hardly miss it, I've written it often enough :) I write it to answer questions & inform folks of my viewpoint. If the Christian message is true, then it must be the most important message out there. If it's not true, just let me rant on & ignore me.

          I sympathise with you over your experience with your dad & the RC church. They seem to be a persistent theme in your writings. Could it be that this is clouding your judgement? Personally, I have no time for the teachings of the RC church, & I heartily agree that there are many men who are totally unfit to be fathers, or even husbands for that matter. Much of my life is spent trying to repair such damage. I'd better be careful, or we'll be doing too much agreeing : > .
          All I ask is a fair hearing; I am a reasonable husband & dad, with no affiliation to the RC church; so maybe not such a bad guy after all.

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        Mar 15 2013: I know Peter....you have indeed written it often enough:>) I realize that you believe your message to be the "most important message out there", and I respect YOUR beliefs as YOUR beliefs. It is not the belief that all of us choose.

        I do not share the stories of my life adventures to get sympathy Peter. My writing about my dad and the RC church are not any more "persistent" than your writings which try to convert us:>)

        Thanks for your concern about my judgement being "clouded". In fact, my life experiences have provided good information, which I use to make choices.

        You seem like a good guy Peter....I've never questioned that at all. And yes...we do indeed agree on some things. When I do not agree, it is not necessary to suggest that my judgment is "clouded".
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          Mar 15 2013: I guess each of us is the product of our experience so far. My experience has led me to accept Christianity, yours has had somewhat the opposite effect. This is all understandable, & to each of us our views are reasonable to us as individuals.
          On the subject of God allowing tragedy, I assume you would answer, ' There is no God',& I more long-windedly? Or do you acknowledge a god, but assume he is not a nice character?

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      Mar 25 2013: I agree Peter, that each of us is the product of the information learned from experience, as well as information we choose to assimilate and embrace.

      I have told you this in several conversations Peter, so either you are not listening, not hearing, not believing, not caring......etc. etc. etc. You are the only one who knows for sure. I suspect you are so intent on converting all of us (which you have said several times) that you don't really want to hear anyone elses story.


      With the information I have at this time, after 60+ years of exploration, 12 years of catholic schooling and bible study, many years of researching, studying and practicing different religious and philosophical beliefs, an NDE/OBE, etc. etc. etc....at this time, I do not believe in a god.

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